TRIXES Inflatable Travel Pillow Cushion – Soft Flocked Fabric – Horseshoe Design – Supports Head and Neck – Lightweight… Price: £1.99 (as of 15/01/2021 19:20 PST- Details)

ULTRA LIGHT AND COMPACT; Some travel pillows are bulky and weigh you down, but our pillow is small and light whilst still providing the support you need. The pillow itself is in two separate parts which comprise of the soft flocked cover and the inflatable inner cushion
NECK SUPPORT; Our headrest pillow helps prevent stiffness and strain on your neck muscles which in turn ensures you get adequate rest during long travelling hours
PERFECT FOR TRAVELLING; The possibilities for our cushion are endless! Take away with you on aeroplanes, trains, or on long car journeys. Ideal for camping, backpacking, and festivals. Have a mid-day snooze or catch 40 winks during your lunch hour – Who doesn’t love a siesta?

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