Is it possible to buy cheap train tickets in UK?

Glenfinnan Scotland - photo by Jack Anstey

Whenever you look for train tickets in UK, you end up paying a lot. This is how it is. UK trains are repeatedly among the most expensive in Europe if not the most expensive. So what can you do to buy cheaper?

There are several ways to do something about. The best idea is too book you journey long in advance. Normally train tickets are cheaper when bought in advance. Of course not everyone can plan their journey few months in advance, but maybe if you travel date is not fixed yet, you can book it earlier. Well to do this you need to be a little bit flexible. It works similarly as we the airlines. Traditionally the earlier the cheaper. But not always.

Good way to look for lower rates are special commercially related days. For example Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and similar occasion are good pretext for companies to make special promotions. You can find special voucher or code which entitles you for discounted tickets.

Also follow websites with special deals. They have often army of followers, you will hint everyone as soon as they find some new special deals.

Good company to buy tickets is They offer various ways of payments including popular Paypal or ApplePay (of course you can also pay by credit card) Company started with selling UK train tickets. Through last 10 years they developed a lot their products. Now you can buy tickets from over 270 companies and not only UK. You can use their website to purchase train tickets in 45 countries (October 2020). They also offer bus tickets so you can combine different segments of your travels.

This is also excellent way to travel internationally. For example it’s very easy to book train tickets between London, Paris, Amsterdam and other capitals of Europe.

System is very easy and also convenient with 14 languages.

So next time whenever you plan your travels go ahead and check the rates at

Charfield, Wotton-under-Edge, UK - photo by Mike Austin (Unplash)
Charfield, Wotton-under-Edge, UK – photo by Mike Austin

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