Morocco Travel Guide: Marrakech, Atlas Mountains and Essaouira

Morocco Travel Guide: Marrakech, Atlas Mountains and Essaouira

On this trip you’ll be heading to Marrakech, the heart of Morocco, where spices linger in the market air, the sun sets on street performers, and the senses are treated to a whirlwind of sights and sounds. Discover life in the sprawling medina or get lost in the alleyways towards the souqs. Marvel at the tilework found in the royal Bahia Palace and Dar Si Said or learn how ancient traditions are woven into the fabric of Marrakech; there’s more than one way to fall in love with this cosmopolitan city.

Morocco is a North African country renowned for diversity, and this is one of the things that make it such a fascinating destination to visit. It’s a place where one will find many cultural influences, and the landscape offers visitors a chance to experience the ocean, Atlas Mountain peaks and the Sahara Desert all in one go. You might be travelling to one country, but in Morocco, there is a whole world to explore.

In Essaouira discover how coastal winds and different tribes can shape a port city. It’s a melting pot with Arab, Berber and European influences. While the sea attracts windsurfers, culture vultures flock to the medina’s alleyways for galleries and a spot of people watching. The vibrancy found in the country’s cities is matched by life in the Middle Atlas Mountains, where visitors can swap people watching and fortified walls for hiking, folk music and stargazing.

Observe nomadic shepherds, hike through limestone river canyons, enjoy impressive views and Berber hospitality and warmth as you make Midelt your basecamp for the Middle Atlas Mountains. As the sun goes down on the soaring peaks, the stars will light up the skies.

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